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Established in 1922, Shanghai University is the largest university in the City and has a clear international orientation accompanying its growth and development. It is one of the “100 Key Universities for the 21st Century” (the so-called Project 211 by China’s Government) and as such it has achieved the highest scientific, technical, and human resources standards to become a world-class higher education institution.  

Shanghai University has more than 3,400 faculty members and hosts more than 40,000 students in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs; 2,000 of them come from 119 different cou ntries. lt operates in three main campuses, Baoshan, Yanchang, and Jiading, ali in the city of Shanghai. 

The University is internationally recognized for its research quality and impact as well as for its strong links with the government and companies in the economic capital of China.

China - Shanghai

China is the main driver of growth for the world’s economy and a strategic objective of most multinational companies. China is also one of the largest foreign investors, Chinese companies are positioning themselves as strong international players bringing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for global-local talents. In addition Shanghai, China’s largest city, is the economic and financial hub of Asia and one of the most important business centres in the world; it offers plenty of international business opportunities as well as a unique combination of local and international socio-cultural experiences.

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