The SHU MBA Uniqueness

Whole-person Development

Personal and professional development at the core of the program’s environment.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Global vision with local approach embedded in the contents and methodologies of each activity.


Education-Community-Organisation Learning activities that go beyond the campus and are close to the corporate world and the community.

SHU MBA is the first and only MBA program in China committed to the whole-person development based on a unique value proposition, the growth of the individual and of the professional. A winning and powerful combination aimed at developing GloCally-focused professionals and better individuals to excel in today’s globalized and digitalized marketplace. SHU MBA is a leading program designed to enhance the managerial and leadership skills of participants while strengthening their ability to face and solve the complex challenges of today’s business environment, linking a global vision with a local approach. It is a program crafted to prepare participants for leadership and transformational roles while developing critical and strategic thinking, innovation, entrepreneurial skills, and the encouragement of personal and professional development.

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